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Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017

Cybernetics, Cesarean Sections and Soccer’s Most Magnificent Mind

Fans do not sing his name in stadiums, nor do they ask him for autographs in the street.
He was not a player of any great note. He has never managed a club. 
Instead, Frade, 73, is that rarest of things: one of soccer’s most noteworthy theorists.
His great contribution to the sport is tactical periodization, an approach to management that is often characterized — much to his evident frustration — as a coaching style. “It is not a method,” he says, almost as soon as he sits down. “It is a methodology. You have a methodology so that you don’t need methods.” The last word is issued with disdain.To Frade, his approach is a management philosophy, a personal dogma and a belief system rolled into one. It is a way of thinking more than a way of playing, one conceived and crafted in this office, at this university, but that can now claim devotees around the world.

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